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Dear Bashir Oud Lovers and Fans,

We want to address an important matter concerning the authenticity of Bashir Ouds. If you have recently purchased or are considering purchasing an oud labeled as "Bashir-style oud," "Iraqi floating bridge oud," "floating bridge oud," or "Arabic floating bridge oud," we urge you to exercise caution. These instruments are not genuine Bashir Ouds and should not be mistaken for the authentic Bashir oud collection, which was exclusively made for and owned by the esteemed family of the legendary oud player and founder, Munir Bashir. Unless the luthier can provide a certificate from the Bashir family, these instruments should be regarded as fake Bashir Ouds.

We are committed to upholding the legacy and integrity of the Bashir oud, ensuring that enthusiasts and aficionados can experience the true essence of Munir Bashir's musical heritage. Our genuine Bashir Ouds are meticulously crafted with the utmost care and expertise, carrying the seal of authenticity that sets them apart from imitations.

We invite you to explore our certified Bashir Oud collection, where each instrument pays homage to the unparalleled artistry and legacy of Munir Bashir. Rest assured, our instruments are crafted with precision and embody the true spirit of the Bashir family tradition.

Thank you for your continued support and appreciation of the genuine Bashir Oud legacy.

Here is the information highlighting the distinctions between our various Bashir oud types, including the authentic Munir Bashir ouds crafted in our family workshop in Budapest, and the fake Bashir ouds available in the market:

  1. Pegbox: The shape and size of the pegbox differ significantly.

  2. Neck: The neck varies in shape and size compared to imitations.

  3. Fingerboard: The fingerboard is uniquely shaped and built into the soundboard, rather than being placed on top. It is also made from two separate pieces.

  4. Middle Part with Oval Openings: The design of the middle part, featuring oval openings (as per Munir Bashir's design), is distinct in shape and size.

  5. Floating Bridge: The size and shape of the floating bridge differ from counterfeits.

  6. Lower Part Design: The lower part of the oud showcases a special design that adds to the uniqueness and differentiation of the Bashir oud.

  7. String Placement and Tuning: The positioning of the strings, string sizes, and tuning are entirely different from other ouds.

  8. Handmade Polishing Work: The meticulous polishing work is crafted by hand and displays its own unique characteristics.

  9. Inner Bridges: The measurements and style of the inner bridges are different compared to replicas.

  10. Most importantly, the authentic Bashir Oud possesses a distinct and unique sound that sets it apart.

For more information on how we construct the Bashir oud in our workshop, we invite you to visit our Facebook page.


Munir Bashir Oud model 57, By Mr. Ali Alameri

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