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Dear Bashir Oud Lovers and fans:
If you have already purches flouting bridge oud or you are about to purchase oud and you found oud called (Bashir style oud, Iraqi floating bridge oud ,floating bridge oud or Arabic floating bridge oud ), please concider them all Fake Bashir Ouds ! becouse they are not  representing the authentic Bashir oud collaction which was made for and owend by the family of the legend and founder of Bashir oud Munir Bashir, uncless the luthier had a certificate from the Bashir family !.

Here are the following informations and differency between all our Bashir oud types including Munir Bashir authentic oud for example, which are build in our family workshop in Budapest and other Fake Bashir ouds in the market:

1. The pegbox are different in shape and size

2. The neck is different in shape and size

3. The Fingerboard is different in shape and its build in the sound board and not on the top of it!, and also its made from 2 pieces.

4.The middle part with the oval openings (Munir Bashir design) are also different in shape and size.

5. The floating brige size and shape is different.

6. The the lower part of the oud has special design ,which make the Bashir oud very unique and differnt.

6. The placement of the strings, strings sizes and tuning are completely different from other ouds.

7. The hand made polishing work is unique and also different .

8. The inner bridges measurements and style are different.

9. The most important is the unique sound of original Bashir Oud.


For more infos about how we build the Bashir oud in our workshop, please visit our facebook page aslo.


Munir Bashir Oud model 57, By Mr. Ali Alameri

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