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The story of floating bridge "Bashir" oud

By: Munir Bashir

"After I traveled from Istanbul to Beirut, my 1954 oud, which was made by Mohamed Fadel, broke while I was tuning it, and damaged the top of the oud from at the bottom of the bridge area. I discovered, that the climate changing from country to country during my trip had a major effect on the wood, and because of that I couldn't play and record with the Lebanese singer Fairuz at that time. After that, I went back to Baghdad and asked my oud maker Mohamed Fadel to build a special oud for me.

In 1957.07.07 Mohamed Fadel has made the new oud. The nice thing is, that both ouds became the role model for oud makers later".

/Munir Bashir, from book: 'Music of wisdom"/

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