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If you are looking for a Bashir Oud, you are in the best place possible.


Our Oud is "The" Bashir-Oud, it is made by the Bashir family, based on the dimensions and technique invented by Munir Bashir. Other "Bashir style" ouds differ in shape, weight and most importantly: The Sound.

Please consider this before comparing them to other floating bridge ouds on the internet or any where else in the market.


To purchase an authentic Bashir-Oud please contact us via:

  • Email:

  • Phone: +36702161406 (Viber,WhatsApp)

  • Address: Porcelán street 14. Budapest - Hungary

Follow us also on facebook: Bashir oud production

Bashir Oud Production Team:

Dr.Saad Bashir

Omar Bashir

Kökény Béla

In association with:

Munir Bashir International Foundation and Eurostrings Ltd.

Photos by: Salam Haddad

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